Day 31: Conclusion

Conclusion Dear Little Princess,

I have enjoyed writing this 31-day series more than you’ll ever know.  I often felt as though my posts were poorly written, uninspiring, or redundant, but I chose to post them anyway, because I had set out to finish this difficult challenge.

There were many setbacks during this series.  We house-sat for Grammie and Papa.  Two nasty viruses hit.  We moved.  I accidentally left my computer at Gramma’s house the last week of the challenge and had to type posts on my phone, a borrowed tablet, and Daddy’s computer when I could sneak in a few minutes while he wasn’t using it.  I ran out of time to make pretty visuals for the last several posts, and I’m sure that there are many spelling and grammar mistakes thanks to autocorrecting on my phone.  (I’ll eventually go back and clean everything up once I get my computer back.)

Most frustrating to to me was that I seemed to give opposing advice in many of the posts, and the overall tone came across much darker and pessimistic than I wanted it to.  I really do love life and find great satisfaction and enjoyment in where the Lord has me right now.

All that aside, though, I know the Lord can use this series for your good and His glory. That’s why I finished it even though it wasn’t perfect.  I did it because I love you and because I want what’s best for you.  God can take all of my ramblings and turn them into something beautiful.

I love you, Little Princess, and if you get nothing else out of this series, know that I will never stop loving you or praying for you.  In conclusion, my heartfelt desire for you is that you learn what is good: to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

All my love,


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