Day 27: Find A Mentor Dear Little Princess,

I love this time while you’re little.  I get to teach you to read.  I get to share the Bible with you.  I get to see your eyes light up over a math concept that you’ve just mastered.  Shepherding you brings me so much joy.

As you grow older, though, I would encourage you to seek out an older lady in your church to mentor you further.  I will always be here to listen, help, and guide you as much as possible, but I’m not perfect and still have weak areas.  By getting input, advice, and encouragement from another trusted, Godly woman with some years of experience, you will be a much more rounded young lady.

More importantly, seeking an older woman’s counsel is Biblical (see Titus 2).  She’s experienced a little more of life than you have yet.  She can offer you Biblical counsel for your own spiritual growth, for Biblically responding to your husband, and for raising your children in a Godly manner.  She will spur you on to be more Christlike.

A Christian mentor can make all the difference in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere in your home.  And the best part is that the things you learn from her you can pass down to your own daughters.  I hope that I will do a good job of teaching you much of what she will teach you, but she may be able to show you different ways or say things in a way that helps them stick.

A believing mentor can also be a huge blessing if the Lord leads your family to a new location.  Moving away from friends and family has it’s challenges, to put it mildly.  Finding an anchor to advise you can help you ease into your new situation more quickly.

Of course, moving away from everyone you know won’t make finding a mentor easy.  In the mean time, I’ll only be a phone call away.  Another friend who relocated listened to online podcasts from a trusted older lady to fill in until she found an in-person mentor.  You may have to get creative, but  the Lord will help you to find something that works.

I look forward to watching you grow and branch out.  I hope and pray that, eventually, you will be the one to mentor other younger women.  What a blessing that would be!

All my love,


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