Day 2: I'm An Imperfect Mommy Dear Little Princess,

As much as I love being your mommy, you don’t need me to tell you that I’m imperfect.  I make mistakes, I yell too much, and I grow frustrated all too easily.  I want you to understand that I am a sinner saved by Grace, and that until we reach Heaven in the presence of Christ and are given new bodies, I still have my old nature to deal with here on Earth.  And honestly, I don’t deal with that old sin nature very well.  I forget that the Holy Spirit is guiding me and enabling me to do things the way the Lord wants me to.  I often choose to do things my own way, which results in sin.  I hate it, and it drives me crazy that I succumb to my old self so often.  I’m in good company, though:  the Apostle Paul struggled with the same things (Romans 7:15).

I hope that you can learn from my mistakes as well as my strong suits.  It’s easy to copy me in every way – including my sins – but know that you do not have to give in to the temptation to follow me in my weaknesses.  You need a Perfect Example to follow, and praise the Lord, He has provided One!  But I’m getting ahead of myself; that’s for tomorrow’s letter.

Thankfully, I’m not left to my own shortcomings, and neither are you.  The Holy Spirit fills in when I fail and rounds out my imperfect parenting.  When I stumble and fall, He lifts me up and sets me back on my feet, helping me the entire way.  This parenting thing, although very worth the effort, is also extremely hard.  I need the Holy Spirit’s help.  When things become to big for me to handle (and, really, I can’t handle anything without His help), I need Someone bigger than my problems to whom I can turn.  And the Spirit is always there, ready to help me through my day, teaching me patience, and prompting me to grow in Godliness.

For now, know that I am trying my best, with the Lord’s help, to set a Godly example for you, no matter how imperfect that might be at times.  I will continue to strive toward becoming more Christlike.  I pray that the Lord will continue to show me areas where I need to grow in my faith, where I need to use a softer tone of voice, where I need to trust Him fully.  I pray that you will learn from my imperfections as well as my strong suits, so that you will grow up to be a Godly young woman.

All my love,


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I'm an imperfect mommy