Day 29: Learn to be Adventurous Dear Little a Princess,

I find it a little ironic that I don’t care for the flavor of vanilla, because I lead a very “vanilla” life.  I do the same things every day.  I order the same dishes when we eat out and rarely venture outside of my comfort zone.  I crave routine and sameness.  I’m happy in my simplicity, but I sometimes wonder what I’ve missed out on because I wasn’t brave enough to be adventurous and step out of my comfort zone.

Thankfully, you seem to be more adventurous than I am.  A little spontaneity is a good thing!  While I want you to be able to discern between being adventurous and being dangerous, I hope you are brave enough to try a new meal or activity.

Auntie Kay has certainly been willing to try new things.  Because of her boldness, she has gotten to visit Italy and Mexico.  She earned a challenging law degree and has gone on many weekend adventures.  (However, I’m not sure that her skydiving experience is something I want you to repeat.)  I love her adventurous spirit, and we both can learn a lot from her.

Certain seasons in life will be better suited to adventure than others.  Auntie Kay does not yet have a family of her own.  Now is the time for her to do her traveling and skydiving.  For me, I had got married and started a family very early in life.  Right now, it’s a good time for me to live my vanilla life.  Daddy, your brothers, and you need me to be stable and dependable, and a routine is just what we need.  If the Lord gives me more years after you are all grown up, perhaps I’ll be brave enough to order a brand-new entree or travel to Ireland.  For now, I’m happy being your mommy, and I’ll find my adventure in trying new ways to teach you and your brothers.  (I also cut my hair today for the first time in over four years, so I’m really living on the edge right now!)

So, Little Princess, if your life situation permits, be a little adventurous.  Enjoy some flavor in your life, and experience new things.  I think you’ll find that you love it.

All my love,


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Learn to be adventurous