Day 23: Learn to Cook Dear Little Princess,

The past few letters have been pretty heavy, but today’s letter is of a lighter variety.  I haven’t set a good example for you to follow in the area of culinary expertise, but I want to encourage you to develop a love of cooking.  You don’t need to become a world-class chef unless you want to, but you do need to learn some basic kitchen skills.  Feeding your family will take a lot of your time.  Learning how to cook efficiently can save you a lot of frustration.

There are many resources available today for learning to cook.  Whether you watch cooking shows on television, view kitchen technique videos on YouTube, or enroll in physical culinary classes at a local college, all are ways to gain valuable food prep skills that will serve you well.

You’ve been blessed with three brothers.  Practice your cooking on them.  Boys love to eat and aren’t shy about expressing their opinions.  You’ll quickly learn what they do and don’t like (and you’ll likely develop a thick skin in the process – another great skill to have).

I would recommend polishing up on a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes.  Use a variety of foods, including allergy-friendly items.  Turbo’s Celiac Disease and diabetes will have already greatly prepared you for learning to tweak regular recipes to better serve someone with special dietary restrictions.

Why is learning to cook decently important?  The Bible has a lot to say about hospitality.  By opening up your home to others – and this includes serving edible meals – you also open up the potential of sharing the Gospel.  A satisfied stomach is much more likely than an empty one to receive soul food as well. 

I wish I had learned to cook better than I did, but I’m not a hopeless case, either.  Maybe you and I can learn to cook together.

All my love,


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Learn to cook