Day 15: When Daddy Met Mommy (Part 2)

When daddy met mommy part 2 Dear Little Princess,

After spending 3 years attending the same college, Daddy graduated in December of 2002, and I still had a year of study left.  While I was home on Christmas break and Daddy was home for good after graduating, he proposed to me on my 21st birthday.  I had wanted to go to the snow for my birthday (really, what else is there to do when one’s birthday falls on the day after New Year’s?), so my family, along with Daddy, drove up to the town of Strawberry to enjoy an afternoon of tobogganing.

I never would have guessed it by the way Daddy was sliding down the snow trails and wrestling with my brothers, but the entire time we were playing in the snow, he had a diamond ring in his jacket pocket.  It had been overcast the entire day, but at one point in the afternoon, Daddy suggested that he and I walk down to the river for a few minutes.  Even though I was clueless, my entire family knew that he was going to propose and didn’t volunteer to go with us.

Daddy took me down to the water where we admired a snow-covered bridge arching over the riverbed.  We sat down in the snow together, and then, kneeling in front of me, he took the ring box out of his pocket and asked if I would be his bride.  Right as he asked, the sun came out behind the clouds for the first time all day.  It was perfect….and just then a huge clump of snow fell out of a tree and landed on my head, getting me soggy, wet, and cold.  We both had to laugh.

The picturesque weather followed by the dousing of snow adequately sums up our married life.  There have been many beautiful points along the way, but there have been some pretty cold, difficult moments, too.  But even in tough times, God’s grace has been greater than any trial or difficulty.  I want you to know, Little Princess, that no matter what happens in this Earthly life, the future glory of Heaven will be worth it all.  The Bible never promises us a life of ease or wealth here on Earth.  In fact, we’re told to anticipate the trials that are coming.

As hard as some things have been for me, I am so thankful that the Lord gave me Daddy as my companion for those hard times.  I hope and pray that if you get married, your husband will be a wonderful friend and help to you in both times of struggle and times of blessing.

All my love,


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When daddy met mommy part 2