Day 8: Don't Forget to Rest Dear Little Princess,

I shared in yesterday’s letter about the struggle with Baby D’s illness and being away from Daddy at night.  I encouraged you to do hard things.  Today, I want you to know that it’s also okay – necessary, even – to rest.  Doing hard things requires endurance.  Endurance requires rest.

Today’s letter will be more like a short note, because I need to follow my own advice and rest.  This week has been incredibly stressful for me, and even though Daddy, you, and your brothers are doing a fantastic job helping out as much as possible, rest is what I need.

God knew that we needed rest, so much so that He set the example by resting on the Sabbath and then commanded us to do the same.  Someday soon I hope to write more about Savoring the Sabbath, but for now, remember:  Rest is a precious thing that we forget about all too easily.  Plan for rest.  Schedule it in your calendar.  Prepare to enjoy some downtime.  It will be one of the best things you can do for yourself, for your family, and for everyone else around you.  I promise!

All my love,


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Don't forget to rest