Day 9: Learn to be A Good Sister Dear Little Princess,

I’m so glad that you have three wonderful brothers.  Having siblings is such an amazing gift!  I’m sure that there are times when having brothers to share with doesn’t always seem like a blessing, but my prayer for all of you is that you eventually understand that having brothers and a sister is a gift to be appreciated.  And there is a lot that you can do to show your brothers that you are a blessing to them.

Being a good sister can be hard.  Although I think that too much emphasis is placed on the differences between boys and girls (boys and girls are still both human, not completely different creatures), it’s good to remember that God created differences between you and your brothers.  They like things that you don’t care for.  You enjoy activities that they don’t prefer.  It’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes, the boys will want to do something that completely annoys you.  You can choose either to show your annoyance or to be gracious.  Remembering that you love activities that annoy them might help you to focus on being forgiving even when it’s easier to get frustrated.

If you need your brothers’ help, you can choose either to ask them politely or demand that they serve you.  Asking politely may not always motivate them to do the right thing and help you, but at least you will know that you handled the situation in a Godly way.

Your brothers can also be your friends.  Show interest in their hobbies.  Offer kind, encouraging words.  Help them in areas where they are struggling.  Listen to what they have to say.  I encourage them to do the same for you.  Everything I shared earlier about being a good friend also applies to siblings.  As we work together to treat one another well, that sibling friendship will grow.

Above all, help point your brothers toward Christ.  Did you know that you can be a witness for God to your brothers as well to as your friends?  Even though you are not the oldest, you can still set a Godly example for each of them.  I think we sometimes forget that our siblings are observing our actions every bit as much – if not more – than the rest of the world is.  What kind of example are you presenting for them?

Pray for your brothers just as you would pray for anyone else.  Ask if they have requests that you could pray for.  If you know of something that they have coming up, like a test or a doctor’s visit, let them know that you’re praying about it.  People feel very encouraged to know that someone else is remembering them in prayer.  It’s sweet to hear that a sister is praying for her brothers.

Sadly, sometimes there is nothing you can do to help a sibling return your friendship.  I’ve seen siblings become estranged from their families for many different reasons, and it is always heartbreaking.  In situations like these, you can still pray for that sibling.  You never know how the Lord may work in his heart later on.

If you are ever unsure of how to respond to one of your brothers, don’t hesitate to ask me or Daddy.  We each have a sister and several brothers, so chances are good that we’ve encountered whatever the situation is that you’re confused about!  Whether one of the boys is picking on you or whether one of them needs encouragement, we’re here to help you be a good sister to your brothers.

All my love,


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Learn to be a good sister