Day 6: Learn to be A Good Friend Dear Little Princess,

Opportunities for friendships are everywhere.  And I encourage you to pursue deep, meaningful relationships with those around you.  It can be very easy, though, to become so wrapped up in domestic duties, work, childcare, and the daily grind that investing time in others becomes difficult and feels awkward.  I’m really talking to myself here, but since you may well end up developing a personality like mine – an introverted homebody – it’s a good topic to discuss.

Years ago, introversion (feeling shy and quiet in large groups) was poorly understood and often considered a flaw that needed to be treated.  I am so thankful that this is no longer the case and that people now better understand my God-given personality trait!  (Note:  You may not end up being an introvert, and that’s okay.  I’ll share more on that in the coming days, but for now, I’ll share about being a friend while being an introvert since that’s what my experience has been.)

I even think that Jesus might have even been an introvert.  When I read in the Gospels about His leaving for desolate places, I relate so well with His need for alone time.  But almost always when He tried to get away, huge crowds would follow.  Instead of running from them, as I would be tempted to do, He “had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd” (Mark 6:34).

What an example to us!  One of the biggest ways we can deepen our friendships is by having compassion for people, and Jesus is the Perfect Example of this.  And I’ve found over the years that when I am willing to die to myself and put others first, even if I’m uncomfortable, that’s when I’m most able to be a good friend.

In addition to having compassion on others, Little Princess, focusing on God is the very best thing you can do to help you be a good friend.  Focusing on Him will enable you be at your best for serving others.  I’m often tempted to think, “How can I be a better friend to so-and-so?  Should I do this or do that?  What should I say?”  Instead, I need to simply focus on Christ.  If I’m focused on Him, He’ll be faithful to guide my words and actions so that they bless those around me and help me deepen my relationships with my friends.

Friendship was designed by God and is a blessing from Him.  Keep your eyes on Christ, and you will be able to bless your friends and those around you.

All my love,


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Learn to be a good friend