Day 5: Protect Your Modesty

Protect your modesty Dear Little Princess,

About a year ago, we were helping Daddy clean out his office when his company moved.  A brand-new purple dress about my size was hanging in a storage room, having been left behind a video shoot.  Daddy asked permission for me to take it home.  Everyone agreed that I could have it.  Surprised that none of the ladies in the office wanted it, I asked why.  “Oh, it’s too conservative,” was the unanimous reply.  I was a little shocked that no one wanted this pricey dress.  The tag attached to the sleeve read $349.  I now own a very costly purple dress that no one else wanted, apparently because it wasn’t revealing enough for others’ liking.

We have the blessing and privilege of being created in the image of God, and with that privilege comes a precious responsibility.  Because we’re His image bearers, we need to treat our bodies as such.  I love how one blogger refers to modesty as “protecting our mystery.”  Modesty isn’t something that many people strive for these days, but it is something that is vitally important if we want to honor the Lord in all we do.

The Bible has much to say about clothing our bodies in a respectful manner (1 Tim. 2:9).  I want you to know that protecting your mystery – modesty in action – is a heart condition, not an outward fashion statement.  I’ve seen professing believers display cleavage and miniskirts, and I’ve seen those with no faith at all keep their bodies tastefully concealed.  That said, being modest does not mean that you have to dress frumpy or in an unattractive manner.  The Bible is also full of examples of the beauty of God’s creation.  Since we are part of that beautiful creation, we can and should dress our best in nice, properly fitting attire.

For you, Little Princess, I pray that you’ll desire to dress in a manner that pleases the Lord, not out of obligation to me or anyone else, but because the Holy Spirit impresses upon your heart that doing so pleases Him.  While Daddy and I will help guide your clothing choices while you’re here at home, eventually, you will have to choose for yourself what you decide to wear.  As with everything else in life, the Holy Spirit will be there to guide your actions.

Someday, I hope that the Lord will bless you with a husband.  If he is a Godly man, he will be thankful that you’ve protected your mystery from other eyes.  He will be grateful for your modesty.  Along those same lines, Godly men who will not become your husband will also appreciate your being adequately clothed.  Daddy can tell you numerous stories of being in uncomfortable settings all because someone else’s wife didn’t take modesty seriously.

All that to say, Little One, is that modesty is extremely important to God.  Take it seriously.  Don’t give in to the temptation to wear a compromising outfit.  Strive to honor the Lord in every area of your life, including your wardrobe.

All my love,


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Protect your modesty